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Drive-by LJing

Aw. I am kinda missing LJ this morning. So much has happened in the last couple of months.

Most notably, I'm going to grad school in the fall. I got accepted to UCR's Creative Writing program in Palm Desert, the one I really, really, REALLY wanted to go to. That has been utterly yay. I applied as a fiction student, but there's a good chance I'll switch to screenwriting, or even nonfiction. I haven't the foggiest, but I'm crazy excited to get up there and immerse myself. I've never really had many friends who were writers, and even these past few years when I've started to have a few writer buddies, I'm used to them living far away. In short, it's going to be really fun to around other people (in person!) who are passionate about writing the way I am.

What else? Tami and I have been together for a year and four months now. When I move to Palm Desert in the fall, she plans to move out there with me from NYC. It's going to be wonderful to finally live in the same city together, much less the same apartment. She just enrolled in an online BA program, and will be finishing her degree while I'm working on mine. We're going to be booknerdy students together in the hot, hot desert. Whee! (Did I mention she's studying with the intention of becoming a high school gym teacher/football coach? Heehee. All the little babydykes and straight girls alike are going to swoon over my honey and I will laugh. Lots.)

I've been working part time as an academic coach for an afterschool tutoring program, writing and copyediting for HBC and Velvetpark, and cooking up a storm for my family while I'm still living here and they're still paying for most of the groceries. Ha ha.

Ooh! And my latest obsession? So geeky. Geeky even for me. I just started playing pen and paper D&D with one of my high school friends and her husband. I've never ever played before, but I've always really, really wanted to. So I've taken to this new hobby with all the pent-up geeky zeal that I would have shown for it back when I was 15. Making up for lost time, perhaps.

At any rate, life is so good right now that I never would have been able to envision where I'm at even just eight months ago. My bipolar disorder has stabilized to the point where I feel like I'm finally getting back on my feet. I haven't had a major (or even much in the way of a notable minor) episode since just before Christmastime. That's five months! Given how rocky things have been these past three years, that's pretty huge for me. I'm even getting to the point where I don't feel like I'm just waiting for the other shoe to drop.

Mostly. :)
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piratey wrath


Seriously. How did I never before notice that the partner of Sandra Oh's lesbo character in Under The Tuscan Sun is played by Kate Walsh?!?! Ha!
piratey wrath


I am officially looking at Creative Writing MFA programs and planning to apply to a bunch of 'em in the next two months. I decided I would rather do a traditional residency program and just immerse myself in the process (and in student loans, eep), which means I will probably be moving out of San Diego in the next year, for at least two years. There's one program I really like, which if I get accepted, I could start as early as this coming April. Yikes!

Now I have to try to track down all my old writing professors from ten years ago and convince them that they 1) remember me and 2) long to write me glowing letters of recommendation... wish me luck!