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Funny Ha-Ha, or Funny Strange?

Zen and the Art of Whethering

The Dread Pirate Julia
27 June 1978
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User Number: 3046689
Date Created:5/04/04
Number of Posts: 400

Standing an imposing 1 1/2" and weighing in at half an ounce, the Hoppa is a lean, green fighting machine, a towering inferno of gravity-defying, ass-kicking, perfect-omelet-making ninjosity.
Strengths: Swedish chef. Mistress of disguise. The ability to turn even the most innocent of phrases into something filthy. Fluent command of pirate doggerel.
Weaknesses: Sordid predilection for cheese.
Special Skills: Smut-slinging, kung fu fighting, knife throwing, impersonating a cricket.
Weapons: Rapier wit. Killer ass. Spatula of DEATH!!!
Pet Peeve: Bad erotic writing.

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Southpark Buffy is hilarious Love

I'm a 29 year old femme lesbian, and a smutstress writer, foodie, erstwhile composer, hobbyist astrologer, and Buffy geek. I write humor, erotica, fantasy-adventure, lesbian fiction, book reviews, blogs, and children's stories. These days I am working primarily trying to get back to work on my novel about lesbian pirates. Arrrh!

This blog is multitasky and multipurpose. I use it to update friends and family on what's going on in my day-to-day, to network with other writers and readers, to alternately rant or gush about what I saw on on TV last night, and to scribble general silliness about whatever pops into my head. I also occasionally post about my ongoing struggle with Bipolar Disorder, which I've had probably since I was a kid, and was finally diagnosed with in 2006. Some of my posts are friends-only filtered, but most aren't.

You can find my MySpace profile here. I also review books for The Hipster Book Club, and write weekly book reviews and a Boob Tube blog at Our Chart, where I used to moonlight as a Guestbian. Alternately, if you want to be kept in the loop, you can subscribe to my Our Chart RSS feed here. Finally, I can be reached via email at Graashoppa@aol.com.

Some of my favorite sites:
LoLcatz at Icanhazcheeseburger.com
Our Chart
Food Network

Blogs I dig:
Katie Liederman
Elizabeth Bear
Tammy Lynn Michaels-Etheridge

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Once upon a time, I used to write Buffy fan fic. Behold the labors of my Willow/Tara harlotry phase...


And my Buffy musical parody, Once More, All Naked, All Gay.

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